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Clients who trust me:


It's time to get your people in the room.


The actual, damn room.

Look, as a smart, high-impact business owner, you know that you're constantly evolving your business to serve the needs of your clients, and right now, you're done chasing the course monster, and spending the entire quarter preparing for a launch.

Instead, you want to start focusing on your top-rated clients (the ones that are 20% of your orbit, but 80% of your potential revenue) and craft a signature experience that gets to the core of what they've really been craving from you.

And that doesn't take webinars and email sequences.

That takes dedicated face-to-face interactions.


Instead of worrying about the financials, filling the seats, the  logistics (wait, WHAT does that food and beverage contract say?), the content and the perfect agenda, let me show you the best tips and tricks to planning a high-touch, high-impact event that convert your students into your lifelong clients.

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Hey there.

I'm Lauren.

I’ve been working in high-touch, mega-impact client events since 2006. In the last 10+ years, I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest companies (which I can’t disclose due to confidentiality), and some of your favorite entrepreneurs (which I can -- see above!) to help them create uber-meaningful, profitable events that turn a small group of their existing community members into their top-rated clients.

When it comes right down to it, hosting a signature event is 15% informational, 85% relational. Most people focus on the 15%, when in fact, it's the 85% that truly makes the impact in converting "arms-length" community members to top-tier clients. Moving community members up the "engagement ladder” can be done 3x as effectively with a carefully thought out, live event experience.

All of this is EXTREMELY doable, but isn’t talked about outside of the planning industry, which is why I’m creating a course for people just like you -- the coaches, the strategists, the consultants, the wellness experts, and the advisors -- who feel deeply committed to helping people in a deeper, more meaningful (and profitable) way.

We'll talk numbers, data points, spreadsheets, and strategies and is for the serious business owner who wants to start getting serious about their top-tier client engagements. 

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"Lauren is brilliant. She saved me weeks of time with her expertise and gave me everything to run a successful workshop. She sorted venue, food, swag bags, transportation, schedule, curriculum, room set-up - ALL OF IT - and I can not thank her enough. HIRE HER." -- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed


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